Invoking Your Celestial Guardians – Sample Chapter


An excerpt from “Invoking Your Celestial Guardians” by Solara.



A Message to Humanity from the Golden Solar Angels


Copyright 1986 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.


We, who come from beyond the dimensional doorways, send our greetings to you. Our purpose in communicating with you at this time is manifold. First we are pleased to state that mankind is finally ready to receive our message. We have waited aeons for this moment.


As you are well aware, you are undergoing a massive restructurization, right down to the cellular level. This is most necessary in order to create within your physical forms receptor units capable of receiving high level vibratory transmissions at an accelerated rate. Many of these frequencies have never before been received on Earth.


Also, you need to consider the Source from which these accelerated frequencies emanate. We, the Golden Solar Angels, originate from dimensional universes or frequency zones far beyond your present imagination. It is not simply a matter of distance because true space is not measured in distance, even by your so-called “light years”. Space can be likened to your oceans as both these forms of energy travel in wave patterns. The wave patterns which we have sent forth to Earth have required to be altered or “translated” at various points along their journey to you. These places of translation could be referred to as “stepping-up / stepping-down” stations or as conversion / inversion systems.


Many of you starseeded ones have now received sufficient levels of awakening to hear our communications. Our transmissions to you are always instantaneous because they are not bound by the illusion of time, as is experienced here on Earth. Furthermore, we must state that although we may appear far away or separate from you, that we are not. We are that part of you which could be termed your Higher Self. We are that part of you which did not choose to descend into matter as you did in order to transmute its density.


Let us remind you that now the Call to Remember has issued forth from our long Golden Trumpets. Thus you begin to rise up and reawaken. It is also the Call to Return Home. And as you hear it penetrate deeply within your heart’s core, do not the yearnings stir and the tears of joy and sweet release begin to flow?


We, your Golden Solar Angels, are your map Homeward. For we have never left our starry abodes. We are that part of you who remained Home, who breathe Oneness with every breath.


We speak to you now for it is time to remember. It is time for you to acknowledge our Presence, for you to bring us inside and personally embody your Angelic Presence. Thus shall you unify and align yourself with the Truth of that which You Truly Are and that which you always have been.


Please understand that each one of you is an embodiment of the Divine Plan in action. You are sent forth from the One which created you. Focus on your true origin. Forget it no longer.


The Stars are your brethren. They have seeded the Earth. Now these seeds doth grow and emerge. Each of you is a tiny fragment of a Star. Each of you contains a pre-encoded memory of the totality of your Star. In truth, every Star is but One Star. There is but One Star which is the Source or the One.


Please see yourself for what you truly are. . . shimmering, transparent beings of Light. . . radiating rainbows of purest, True Love. A fragment of the whole, THAT IS THE WHOLE! Once you realize your limitless, expanded Self you will see that all forms of separation are but an illusion. You are the wind; you are the water; you are the Earth and all forms of life upon her. You are the starry heavens and the vast infinity of space.


Your human forms are but your chosen instruments. They are the definition which allow you to express your inherent vastness, your Divinity. You physical, emotional, mental, astral and etheric bodies are currently undergoing a mighty transformation. This is similar to the ancient alchemical process in which lead was turned into gold. It could be termed the recrystallization of matter. However, these new crystals shall be liquid and flowing, composed of purest Love.


Remember the Stars are not fixed; they pulsate and rotate, giving birth to ever new star systems in a constant harmony of renewal. So my dear ones, do not allow yourselves to become fixed in self-created definitions or boundaries. Surrender yourselves to the unknowable fullness of the present. Let yourselves be filled with wonder as the Divine Perfection reveals itself into your lives.


You are within the radiant sphere of the unfoldment of the Divine Plan, and you are the instruments of Divine Intervention. You must not lose this focus, for your path leads ever Homeward.


We ask you, the awakened humanity of planet Earth, to stand openly beside us in conscious Oneness, and to claim your Divine Birthright and Heritage as activated, empowered, multi-dimensional, co-creators of the Divine Plan. We, the Golden Ones, the Solar Angels, Celestial Guardians, walk among you, married into human form as instruments of the radiant Golden Dawn which now unfolds.

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