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An excerpt from “The Legend of Altazar” by Solara.


Copyright 1987 by Solara. All Rights Reserved.




When Solana had blown upon his conch shell trumpet back in the Temple of TI-WA-KU, he had no idea of what it might do. That moment had been fraught with so much danger, he had simply followed the message of his inner voice to sound the shell. He had watched Altazar’s final debasement with detached disbelief, hoping that by letting the drama play itself out, it would serve to break Altazar free. Unfortunately, it did not, or so he thought. For when the conch responded to his breath with its long deep call, everything disappeared from sight.


Solana found himself standing alone, unharmed, high atop a mountain. He knew not where he was nor how he had gotten there. Far away in the distance he could see a small patch of undulating blue water and assumed that it was probably part of Lake Ti-Tika. He was now far above the tree line and the extremely high altitude gave the air a crystalline clarity which charged it with vital force or “prana-chita”. He could see little diamonds dancing about in the atmosphere surrounding him. Wherever he was, he knew not, but it filled him with wonder.


Solana stood facing the Sun and raised his arms, gratefully reciting the ancient prayer to AN:


Reverence to thee, O AN of ANTES!
Thou art the Eye of the ONE,
The light in the darkness,
The darkness within the light.


Grant me, O mighty AN
That I may walk a path of Love,
That I may embody Oneness,
For I am just and true.


When he had finished, Solana sat down, arranging the folds of his poncho around him and began to meditate.


After some time, he became conscious of the sound of gently tinkling bells approaching him. Opening his eyes, Solana noticed a man coming towards him carrying a golden staff capped by a gold Sun and Moon from which dangled several tiny golden bells. The stranger had a face of immense nobility and carried himself with a certain regal splendor. He was tall with loose black hair and an extremely handsome face. His strong dark eyes were deep and kind. A short tunic of finely woven alpaca wool was worn on his lean body. Most remarkably, in his ears were huge golden ear plugs fashioned into glowing Sun discs.


The stranger bowed to him then raised his arms sunward. “Solana, we welcome you to the Kingdom of AN!” he announced proudly. “My name is Aka-Capac. Come with me and I shall lead you there.”


Solana smiled broadly, first with relief at his deliverance, then with the great joy of anticipation. He had found the Kingdom of AN! Standing up, he clasped Aka-Capac’s hand firmly. “Thank you for finding me. Please lead the way and I shall follow!”


Aka-Capac looked at him with warmth and understanding; then he too, smiled joyously and nodded. “Come brother, you have been through much today. Soon you shall find peace.”


He led the way down the mountainside following a small, but well-maintained trail. They slowly picked their way down the steep slopes zig-zagging back and forth along the face of the mountain. Down below, Solana could see a river winding its way through a fertile green valley.


“Is that the Kingdom of AN?” he asked.


Aka-Capac responded, “It is indeed AN and so is this and so are we.” He gestured to the mountains and sky all around them.


After some time they descended to the valley floor and hiked along the banks of the river for several miles. Soon the sound of distant music could be heard. . . just a waft on the fresh breeze. Then, as they came closer, the long low rumbling of a horn could be heard from a nearby peak. It echoed throughout the valley. Then another horn seemed to answer it from a different mountain further away.


“They announce our approach now,” Aka-Capac explained.


Solana felt a profound sense of excitement well up inside of him. Soon they passed through two giant boulders which marked the entrance to the hidden valley of Ani. Several men who bore a strong family resemblance to Aka-Capac stood on guard and waved to them as they walked by.

Aka-Capac turned to Solana and whispered to him, “Now blow upon your conch shell once again and send your salutations to AN.”


Solana straightened himself and with great seriousness and respect put the conch to his lips and blew. The sound flew swiftly on the wind like a golden arrow. Then there could be heard the answering echoes–echoes–echoes bouncing from mountain to mountain until they faded softly away.


Aka-Capac grinned at him, “Well done, brother. Welcome home, Solana. It is indeed an honor to bring you here.”


As they walked onwards with bouncy strides, Solana saw houses of stone with roofs of thatched grass tucked here and there. And there were people! Beautiful, healthy looking men, women, and children who waved and smiled at them as they passed by.


Excited whispers could be heard, “Look, there is Solana. He has come. Solana has made it home!” Everywhere there was an atmosphere of love and friendliness.


Ahead of them loomed a large step pyramid made of sun-baked bricks of earth atop stones. “This is the Pyramid of Anani,” Aka-Capac told him. “Our Ancient Ones await us here. Are you ready to greet them?” he asked.


“Yes,” replied Solana humbly. He felt as if his heart would burst with sheer joy and elation any moment now. “AN is just as I always imagined it to be,” he explained to Aka-Capac. “It is so perfectly familiar here.”


“That is simply because this is the home of your true lineage. It is ever that way for those of us returning here for the first time. We have all dreamt of this place, but were never quite certain if AN existed on the physical plane or not,” said Aka-Capac.


They had now arrived at the base of the Pyramid of Anani and began ascending the endless stairs which climbed up the front of it until they reached what could be termed the fourth level.


Entering through an inclined angular doorway, they found themselves in a large square room. Seated within, upon chairs exquisitely fashioned of silver and gold, were a man and a woman who were the most fascinating beings that Solana had ever seen. Clad simply in white tunics, they were old, incredibly old, but glowed with the radiant beauty of their shining, transcendent Essences. They emanated Perfect Love and Purest Wisdom.


Solana had a strong sensation that he knew these two very well indeed. He experienced an overwhelming sense of nostalgia poised on the edge of full remembrance.


“Solana, is it you?” the man asked in a voice containing utmost authority.


“Yes, Tayta . . . Father, Father of the Sun,” responded Solana with strong emotion as the man touched him upon his heart.


“Solana, my son, we are pleased to welcome you home to the Kingdom of AN,” spoke the Father-Sun.


The woman stood patiently waiting to greet Solana. Her snowy white hair was pulled back and plaited into a loose knot. Her face, though well wrinkled with age, shone with a joyful beauty. Taking Solana into her arms at last, she held him closely and whispered, “Oh Solana, we welcome you to AN. Long have we awaited this day, watching you draw ever closer. We have never doubted that you would find your way here,” she said quietly with deep emotion.


“Mamay, Mother of the Moon…. oh Mamaki!” Solana responded with gentle tenderness, never questioning how he recognized them or knew their names, or why he dared to address them so familiarly.


“You must both be tired and hungry from your lengthy travels, are you not?” she inquired. Turning to one of their attendants, she motioned that food might be brought for Solana and Aka-Capac. They were led into a nearby alcove, whereupon they seated themselves comfortably on large woven cushions on the floor. Here they were served most wondrous food and drink that left Solana feeling quite refreshed and renewed.


After they had eaten their fill, the Father-Sun asked, “But what has happened to Altazar? Was he not to travel here with you?”


Solana’s bright face clouded over in sorrow at the memories of his dear friend. “That is a most sad story. I’m afraid that he is lost to us. On our way here, we were captured and taken to the Temple of TI-WA-KU. There he suffered an enchantment by Mu’Ra of the four-fingered ones. I could not bring him here with me. Mu’Ra would not even permit me to depart. Finally she commanded Altazar to stab me with her silver dagger. He was about to kill me when I was told by an inner voice to blow upon the conch.” Solana gestured to the shell hanging from the woven strap around his neck. “I wonder if there is not some way that we could make haste and rescue him from that demented sorceress?” he implored.


“Solana, my dear,” the Mother-Moon replied firmly with her far-seeing wisdom, “we cannot interfere into the affairs of TI-WA-KU, nor can they interfere with us. Back in the ancient of days long ago, it was peopled by many of the four-fingered ones, starry beings, many of whom originated from the Sirian System. They were some of the earliest colonists upon this planet. TI-WA-KU functioned then as an important center of initiation and learning for mankind.”


“Our earliest legends tell that back at the beginning of this earth cycle there was a sacred cave with four openings. This cave was located not far from the shores of Lake Ti-Tika. From each of these openings there emerged a man and woman who were brother / sister as well as husband / wife. These four brothers were called Ra’Mu, Me’Ru, Ma’Nu, and Ra’Ma. The sister of the one known as Ra’Mu was the original Mu’Ra.”


She continued, “Many of the ancestors of numerous tribal groups and kingdoms were fathered by those beings at TI-WA-KU from the distant universes. Know you not that they were the forefathers of your own people on Rapan-Nui and Lemuria? We ourselves, carry their blood in our lineage. Therefore TI-WA-KU will always be a sacred ancestral shrine to us regardless of who is living there. The star beings who inhabited that place were highly evolved ones who came to this planet to serve humankind. Many useful things were introduced to the people by them: methods of agriculture, cosmology, weaving, telepathic processes, sacred knowledge of metals and crystals, herbal lore and leverage of stones. . . wondrous things too numerous to mention which were of great benefit to the planet.”


“What happened to the original inhabitants of TI-WA-KU?” Solana inquired with great fascination.


“The cycle for their work here simply completed itself,” the Father-Sun answered. “Hence they departed this planet and returned to the galactic systems from whence they originated.”


“All save one,” Aka-Capac added in his deep voice. “The sorceress Mu’Ra was not permitted to return with the others because her energies had become too poisoned by contact with the density of the Earth’s magnetic field.”


“Understand, Solana,” Mother-Moon continued knowledgeably, “what happened was that the woman Mu’Ra allowed her auric shield to be penetrated by contact with too many Earth men who had lower energy frequencies than the star beings. This in turn lowered hers until she no longer had the impeccable integrity and control which is an absolute prerequisite in order to be a pure channel for the higher dimensional energies. Mu’Ra could no longer handle them in the correct way so she increasingly turned to magic and manipulation as an outlet for release of the immensely powerful frequencies to which her being was accustomed.”


“Thus her energies became increasingly distorted,” explained Aka-Capac.


“Why did this not happen to the others of her kind as well?” Solana asked.


Mother-Moon explained, “Although it is not harmful for a star being man to plant his star seed within an Earth woman, it is an entirely different matter when the situation is reversed. The four-fingered women were informed of the hazards to their energy fields should they become sexually involved with an Earthly man. The other women followed these guidelines, Mu’Ra did not. She even transgressed to the degree that she gave birth to several children by different human men. This definitely caused a severe disturbance to her dimensional polarities.” (The unusual histories of the children of Mu’Ra would make a fascinating story in itself, if the hermit had but the time to remember.)


“What I still do not understand is this,” interjected Solana. “If AN is aware of all this, why do you choose to do nothing about her?”


Father-Sun now spoke with calm authority. “Because, Solana, AN holds an ancient pact of trust with TI-WA-KU which presupposes noninterference and mutual respect. Thus it is out of our sphere of influence to intercede; even though sadly enough, it has now become a focus of negative energy patterns.”


“Excuse me for questioning you so much,” Solana apologized, “I do not intend any lack of respect, and speak merely from my great concern for Altazar. I was not happy to leave him there so unprotected.”


Mother-Moon gave him a look of loving compassion. “We understand that, my dear. There is one thing which you could do that may put your heart somewhat at rest. There is a woman who lives but one night’s journey from here. She is a hermit who is known to see everything. She does not often extend her welcome to strangers, but I know that she will recognize you. She will be able to tell you about the fate of Altazar. It is a difficult journey to see her; the path is a secret one which few have trod to its completion. The hermit is happy to spend as much time in the privacy of her silence as possible. If she were more accessible, she would most likely be deluged with visitants with no time alone in which to scan the Akashic Chronicles.”


“You shall have to wait until the Moon is in her phase of fullness, for that is the only time when the path reveals itself,” explained Father-Sun. “Until then Solana, we have much that we wish to share with you here.”


Thus it was that Solana, Priest of Rapan-Nui, did enter the hidden Kingdom of AN and receive a great welcome there. And thus did he recognize it to be his real home. He had never before experienced such peaceful fullness.


During this time many doors to the Mysteries were opened to him. He was initiated into the Temples of the Sun & the Moon, the morning star termed Chas’ka Collya, as well as the arc of the Rainbow, and Illapa the Thunder/Lightning one. Each temple that he entered was a further step into the awakening of his deeper knowing. Here he reached full maturity both as a man and as a God.


As time passed by, the Moon neared her fullness and Solana awaited the evening when he would begin his solitary journey to visit the hermit woman. Knowing full well of his impending arrival, I prepared myself to receive him.


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