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Surfing the subtle currents of the Invisible is similar to surfing the ocean waves. And it’s a most useful skill at this point. First, let’s learn how to study the condition of the surf. Since the subtle currents are continually changing, we need to constantly align ourselves with their movements. Try lying down and becoming very still until you can feel the undulating currents all around you. If you are very quiet, you should also be able to feel the watery currents slowly shifting inside your body. Now, let the subtle currents both inside and outside you flow together in unison. This will align you more deeply with the Invisible.


What is the surf of the subtle currents doing? How would you describe it? Is it calm or wild, choppy or stagnant? Get to know your surf so that at any given moment you can accurately read it. This is especially helpful upon awakening in the morning. It will tell you much about the energies of the day. The next step is to align yourself with the surf. This is very important if you want to flow through your day, working with the inherent energies, rather than against them. Here are some examples:




 A good day for steadily pacing yourself, accomplishing things in a peaceful manner. A serene day filled with positive energy and Love.




There are many variations within this category. If you properly align yourself with Wild Surf, you can accomplish much. It will give you lots of passion, energy and momentum. It is a time of clear, decisive action without effort or struggle.




 This is a rough surf. Be very gentle with yourself and others. Keep as quiet as possible until it changes. Avoid confrontations. It’s definitely not the kind of day to go out and press your luck. Instead, stay home and read. Make yourself as cozy as possible.




 An unpredictable surf which can go in any direction. Your mind will be full of wild, uncontrollable thoughts, most of which have no basis in reality. Avoid decisions since you are not coming from a place of clarity. Try to be extra alert and grounded, otherwise you can have minor accidents. The best thing to do in Choppy Surf is the small practicalities of life. A good day to tidy the house, do your laundry, work in the garden; any unchallenging physical activities which give your wayward mind something to focus on. Once you do this, the crazy energies will balance out and Choppy Surf will change into something else.




A challenging, emotional surf. It will bring out a spectrum of surface emotions. One minute you will be happy – then sad – then angry. None of these emotions are very deep or enduring, so just let them pass through you. It’s difficult to find a way to align yourself with a Splashing Surf, but once you do, your emotions will smooth out. One thing that will help is to remember that these emotions are not based on anything personal. You are simply experiencing some of the collective planetary emotions for the purpose of transmutation.




Still Surf is surf with little or no movement. When you feel becalmed in Still Surf, don’t force yourself into action. Stay as quiet as possible. Retreat. Go within. It is an excellent time to access the depths of your being. Also a good time for study or research. If you have to go into the world or interact with people, remain as quiet as possible. It is not an easy time to get anything done on a physical level. If you have to work, you’ll have the greatest success if you do things slowly and thoroughly.




While this isn’t officially a surf, it is something which you might encounter while surfing. Physically, the Doldrums is an area near the Equator in the Pacific Ocean where sailing ships often become becalmed, sometimes for months. It is a place of little or no wind. The Doldrums differ from Still Surf in their sense of an all-pervading heaviness. When we enter the Doldrums, nothing seems to work in our lives. Everything is weighted down. The surf has disappeared. When this happens, it’s time to make a change. Do something radical…. like change yourself, let go of some long held belief, or simply make a massive surrender. That should set you free from the Doldrums and push you into an exciting breakthrough.




This is surf which appears calm, but contains hidden pockets of danger or whirlpools which can suddenly catapult you to a totally different place. We often initially read this as Calm Surf until we are surprised by a dramatic, unexpected turn of events. As we become Master Surfers, we will learn to discern Riptide Surf before it pulls us in.




Swooning Surf is filled with concentrated Love energies. That’s Ecstatic Love energies. Heightened Ecstatic Love energies. When Swooning Surf is up, you don’t need to eat or sleep and are definitely unpinned from time and space. A magical time when miracles can be achieved. Love is in the air and melts everyone it encounters. Need we say more?




This is the special surf which is aligned with the waves of the Celestial Seas. It brings forth the really BIG WAVES. Huge, undeniable waves…. When Quantum Surf is around, jump on your surfboards and ride the Beam! This is the surf of quantum leaps, major breakthroughs and achieving the impossible. So when Quantum Surf is up, drop everything else and ride these waves as far as you can.



Once you have recognized the condition of the surf, you can begin your day with maximum effectiveness. However, it’s important to remember that the surf can change anytime. Program yourself to check out the subtle currents on a regular basis throughout the day and realign yourself to them if they have changed.


When the tide rolls in, ride the waves.

When the tide is out, collect shells.


As you develop greater familiarity and mastery with the prevailing surf, you will learn how to smooth out the rough spots in your life by working with the subtle currents of the Invisible. And by learning to feel the subtle currents and aligning yourself to them, you have received your First Key to the Invisible.


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