EL•AN•RA - The Healing of Orion - SECONDS (the last copies)

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Now that I know your secrets
I have no more fear.

Your pockets of darkness
have no hold over me.
My shame, my guilt,
have all been released.
By interlocking your pyramids of duality
within me, I am set free….


This exhilarating story of romance and ruin, courage and honor, chronicles the vast saga of Orion…. The constant interplay between the forces of Dark and Light.

This adventurous tale is not only widely entertaining, but a much needed final cleansing of duality so we will be ready to embrace Oneness.

EL*AN*RA is the love story between a fallen Angel, Kurala and a courageous Star Commander, AAla-dar which takes place during the Intergalactic Wars centered in the constellation of Orion.

magentalineSolara says: “The purpose of EL•AN•RA is to retrieve our “off planet” memories, to heal the wounds of duality and bring us into greater Oneness. Plus, it’s a good story and very funny! Each time I read it, I learn something new.”

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Second Edition published October 1991

The last 8 books!
These are seconds. These books are complete,
but have minor damages at the cover.