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Here’s some feedback from our subscribers …


The Surf Reports continue to be wonderfully accurate! The issues that are addressed always seem to touch on what’s going on for me at the time, and the suggestions for working with the energies and riding the Surf are always appropriate and helpful. My sense of place and connection to our One Being continues to expand, and the Surf Reports always help to enhance my sense of connection. Many Thanks!….. Michael A.

Thank you for this wonderful explanation of a very weird week that I had. I know you must get a lot of positive feedback from your subscribers. I wanted to take the time to thank you again and let you know that this helped me emerge from this sinkhole, healed and grateful…. Samarah

Having read two Updates from July I am dancing a little Snoopy-dance: they are so accurate!… Aurelia – Finland

Thank You, Thank You — Just when I feel alone in this huge sea, I get an update to remind me I’m not alone Thank You! …..Gigi

Once more I need to tell you how impressed I am about you. Even I also feel that what you are writing about in your Surf Reports: I couldn’t explain everything even near, how you do it. It’s so easy to say that’s correct after reading your info, but without your explanations, I never could understand that much what is going on within us & as a result of that also outwards in our environment…. Roland – Germany

You have made my week! I needed to go back and read what you wrote and see how my life has changed. I am beyond blown away at how I am following what you are witting in my life. My whole life is changed, almost everything that controlled me and made me afraid I have conquered and it is just amazing. I have divorced, started a new business, changed my concepts on reality and religion and I feel like I am being helped. Like I all have to do is follow and it all just happens. I am really feeling the waves you talk about. Last month there were times of being overwhelmed by them. I have a deep need to pray for others to see the light as I feel they will be swept down in an undertow if they don’t let go and change…. Caren

The support you offer is endless….I hope you know what an incredible blessing you are in many of our lives as we all stay so committed to the truth of who we really are in every moment…regardless of the ‘apparent’ circumstance…with much love and deep gratitude. Lorraine

Thank you so much………. Not Knowing you all that well, I’m not sure how you come to what you come to, but, let me tell you that you are “right on” so much and especially with July’s “reading.” Bless you…..Constance in Arizona

I am so grateful for all you share…the information in the Surf Reports is a HUGE source of guidance, validation and comfort to

Each month I keep hoping and praying that things will get better, and your Surf Reports are so right on and encouraging. They are the only thing that gives me insights to what will be and to have the strength and courage to ride it through. Thank you once again for what you are giving to the world….. Theresa

Your Surf Reports are always lifesaving, again so today. Just when I think I’m going nuts and I can’t take any more of deep, intense, unspecified emotions and wave after wave of shifting frequencies, along comes your weekly Update like a life raft, telling me everything is just as it should and I can relax and let it all happen.Thank you so much…. Monica

I write this e-mail with two purposes in mind. First so you will know just what an impact your Surf Reports are making, and second because I want everyone who visits your website to understand something that is very important.

Since I subscribed to your Surf Reports, I have found your Updates to be particularly timely and accurate in a way that is almost startling and IN A WAY THAT IS EVEN MORE PROFOUND THAN WHEN YOU WERE “GIVING THEM AWAY FOR FREE”. Because they apply so literally to what is happening in my own life, I am forced to take a step back each time I read one of them and realize that I am not alone in what I am experiencing – that we all truly are connected on a very deep, unseen level.

Yesterday’s Update was particularly profound and I realized it’s not “just me” but that many of us are experiencing the same thing. It was a nice reminder that I am not alone and I can’t say I’ve ever felt so reassured in that way before.

It strikes me that – as accurate as your Surf Reports were before – they seem to have become more deeply and profoundly accurate since you have begun requiring a subscription. I suspect this has to do with the fact that you have symbolically begun respecting your work and its importance by no longer putting these messages from your soul out into the world where they get sucked out of you into a vacuum that has no ability to return anything to the giver.

You have chosen instead to water these messages into vessels which have made room for them by showing you they are valued, and I believe each of us is experiencing “new root growth” as a result. I expect that we blossoming Lotuses will begin to benefit in more and more profound ways each step of the way.

Thank you so much for sharing these messages, but thank you even more for not bleeding them out into a black hole and weakening the effect. You have not excluded anyone by making them available to those who ask and can not afford to subscribe, but you have given those of us who can afford to do so a nudge in the right direction by making it easier to do the right thing and return something to the source of our inspiration. Thank you! A.M.

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