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This is an exquisite song in star language written and sung by Matisha (movements by Solara) that has been sung all over the world. It is a song of Welcome and of Farewell. It is a song of honoring our One Being.

The Ayoka is one of the 15 songs recorded live in 1993 during the Master Cylinder for the 11:11 Second Gate Activation in Ecuador.

Although the recording quality is not very good, the energy is alive and powerful.

You can buy the the whole collection of 15 songs from the Second Gate Mastercylinder, by clicking here.

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mp3 Audio (128kbps, mono) – 2:53 minutes – download size 2.8 MB (1 file)

Lyrics of Ayoka:


kio me’ia.

I O No.

Ke mani’ia.

Here is the correct pronunciation:

Ayoka… (Eye oh kah)

kio me’ia…. (Key oh may ee ah)

I O No…. (Eye oh no)

Ke mani’ia…. (Kay mahn ee ee ah)

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