Invoking Your Celestial Guardians

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The process contained within
this small book really works.
You will notice an immediate difference
in both inner & outer worlds.

If you sincerely put forth the effort
to contact your Golden Solar Angel,
it will absolutely change your life.


The book on Angels everyone should read! It was one of the first and is still the most revolutionary. A journey of reawakening to the Celestial Realms that dissolves the floodgates of memory. Learn how to contact your Golden Solar Angel and embody its Presence!


Solara says: “This is my first book and it’s still quite revolutionary. Although Angels have now become popular, very few people are writing that we are the Angels!” These are the last copies of this book which will not be reprinted.


Read a SAMPLE CHAPTER of Invoking Your Celestial Guardians.


Eleventh Revised Edition published December 2001.

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