The Family of AN (Matisha)

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Matisha created this stirring anthem to awaken the Family of AN during one of our Star-Borne Reunions. It was played at the 11:11 First Gate Activation at the Great Pyramids in 1992 at least once every hour throughout our thirty-eight hour ceremony. “The Family of AN” was also sung at the final 11:11 Activation of Eleventh Gate in 2012.

After many years of being unavailable, we are very honored to offer Matisha’s brilliant “Family of AN” song for the Activation of The Heart of AN on June 30th in the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru.

“Listen inside, Family of AN.
Hearts open wide; it’s time to move on.

Remember the ones you cared for.
Remember the ones you died for.
Remember the ones who shared your longing for all to come home.

Remember the Love you are.
Remember that Love is the way we live as One.”

mp3 Audio – 10:22 minutes – download size 14.3 MB

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