Music of Second Gate Master Cylinder in Ecuador 1993

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Music from the Second Gate Activation anchoring the One Heart with Etherium, Matisha, Omashar, I*An, Ramariel, Solara, Ishta & Tzaris.

The 15 songs are recorded live in 1993 during the Master Cylinder for the 11:11 Second Gate Activation in Ecuador.

Although the recording quality is not very good, the energy is alive and powerful.

Contains 15 single mp3 files for download:

  1. Invocation in Star Language
  2. Anuwantari
  3. Give In
  4. Ayoka – (as a free sample)
  5. Improvisation
  6. Starry Love Song
  7. Star Maker
  8. Spiral Through the Stars
  9. Sing to Me
  10. Inah Kivo Kay
  11. Ho To My True Love
  12. Sacred Loving
  13. Welcome Home
  14. Deeper Way
  15. Thank You

download of one zip file (46 MB) that unzips into 15 mp3 Audio files (128kbps, mono) – 51 minutes

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